Organic Foods Have Higher Nutrient Values

The fruits and vegetables consumed by your parents and grandparents may have been healthier than the material you can purchase through the online grocery store today. Once again, it confirms that eating organic food is not only great for the planet, it’s more beneficial for our bodies as well.

In research carried at the Biochemical Institute at the University of Texas, Donald R. Davis uncovered some shocking statistics when analyzing produce examined in 1950 and related produce analyzed in 1999 by the USDA. Here are the outcomes:

  1. Lower nutrient quantity: Out of the 13 nutrients examined, six had failed over the 50 year period studied.
  2. Lower mineral quantity: Likewise, when three minerals were analyzed, iron, calcium, and phosphorous-they were found to be 9% to 16% lower in 1999 than in 1950.
  3. Lower protein quantity: Essentially all plant-based foods have some protein ingredient, and those raised today are 6% lower on the scale.

In addition to these declines, produce in the 1950s was also more important in things like riboflavin and ascorbic acid (a precursor to vitamin C) by nearly 15%!

Investigations like this have been copied in other parts of the world, verifying what American scientists have discovered. This can be assigned to various factors, most of them trading with heavy farm ways of growing fruit and vegetable.

For example, in an effort to develop food larger and faster, conventional farmers heap on water and chemical manure, but this can interfere with a plant’s capacity to take up and produce vitamins and minerals. It also decreases the nutrient quantity accessible to plants, which in change diminishes the nutrient value of these foods.

By diversity, organic farming doesn’t use these concentrated chemicals, but rather organic matter to encourage soil’s developing strength. By cultivating biologically living soil in which microorganisms can increase, organic farming supports plants in their uptake of nutrients, which are then infused into our food.

Our bodies need regular vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to fight off diseases, support healthy bones and muscles, and for mental and heartfelt wellbeing. So if you desire to stop disease and experience the true spirit that lets you enjoy being engaged for longer, pick organic foods. Freshly-grown organic fruit and vegetable accessible from a local farmer’s market, your usual grocery store, or your own garden, is an excellent method to get your regular dose of macro and micronutrients essential for a strong body. Adopting organic food recipes is an outstanding way to relish these delicious, seasonal organic foods!

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